Apple Fritter Cake!


But one good apple fritter cake redeems everything. Apples are an example of something that’s already great that can become ever more awesome by changing form. Don’t believe me? Try cutting up an apple and eating it. Yum, right? Now, take more apples and turn them into applesauce. Double yum! And now, take more apples and turn them into a sinfully delicious dessert and you have apple heaven. Oh there is such a place. It’s in your kitchen, when you bake this apple fritter cake.


The smell alone will have you trying to eat the scented molecules out of the air. That should tell you something right there. Another thing you need to be aware of is that anything that is topped with glaze is going to be amazing. Always. Try it on your arm and you’ll see what I mean. Sure, it’s sticky but it’s worth it. But I get it. You’ll want to save all your glaze for this apple fritter cake. It’s genius really, because you could get away with eating it for breakfast. Or after your lunch. Or after your dinner. Or all day. Go for it!

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