Carmelitas – Caramel Chocolate Oatmeal Bars!


Which is always my reaction when caramel abounds. I have a confession. I am not just a chocoholic. I’ve already confessed that here. I’m also a caramelaholic. Put them together and it is like the heavens open up and doves fly and I need to be alone with this sugary happiness. So when I found this Carmelita recipe, I couldn’t wait to try it.


What’s that? You’ve never had a Carmelita? Oh sweetie. You’re a Carmelita virgin! That’s ok. We’ve all been there. Once you come over to the other side, there is no going back. Not that you’d want to. You’ll love these! They’re gooey caramel-filled oatmeal bars, mixed with butter, brown sugar, pecans and of course, chocolate. They take on a very dense texture so while you’ll be tempted to eat an entire tray in one sitting, the good news is that because they’re so filling, you won’t be able to gobble them all down as quickly as you make them.

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