Sweet Honey Bun Cake!


Do you like honey buns? They’re kind of like cinnamon rolls but without the cinnamon. I was never a big fan of the store-bought kind. They just tasted like a cake with sweet slime on top. Blech. Not very delicious if you ask me. But the fresh kinds that you can get at your local bakery are always a treat. Nothing slimy there. Those are wonderful. And so is this cake, inspired by honey buns. It’s a great cake to serve when you invite some other moms over for a play date or to go with coffee. You can eat it for breakfast or dessert. Or any time. It’s a box of yellow cake that gets a makeover and becomes a glorious cake filled with a sweet brown sugar and pumpkin pie spice swirl and topped with a lovely vanilla glaze that truly makes it an impressive offering.


The good news is that while it looks the part of perfection, it’s really quite easy to make. In fact, you can have it ready in an hour. How about that? Start off your fall mornings right with a steaming cup of coffee and slice of this honey bun cake! Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make this Honey Bun Cake.