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Killer Creamy Coconut Pie!


It never fails. Every year around October I get super excited for the holidays. I make pumpkin EVERYTHING in the kitchen, decorate with glitter and lights, and carefully create decadent desserts to share with family and friends. I toast things by the fire, I sip on spiced cider and I stare at the Christmas tree with wonder…wishing that the season would never end.

And then, just days after the holiday season ends, I find myself longing for the summer months again. It’s silly, really. For months all I can ever think about is the snow and the fireplace, only to be dreaming of the beach and a cool drink in my hand a few days later. Once the holiday season passes, I long for the sunny days, the warm air, and the late nights that come with the Spring and Summer seasons. Good thing I found this pie to tide me over.


When I think of warm summer days, I instantly think of coconut. Coconut drinks. Coconut shrimp. Coconut lotion. Coconut is synonymous with warm weather and toes in the sand for me. It was this longing for hot days that got me seeking out this cool dessert.

…and believe me: This one is a hit.

Simple doesn’t even begin to describe this dessert. If you have a spare pie crust, a few boxes of pudding, and ten minutes to spare, you too can be having this creamy and delicious slice of summertime fun. If you feel like being extra fancy, consider toasting some coconut chips and sprinkling them on top. However you decide to do it, find a pair of flip flops, a sun hat, and your favorite beach time read. Summer might not be here yet, but this pie will make it easy to ignore the snow outside your door.

One of the best recipes online for no-bake creamy coconut pie I found was from the Taste of Home website. Click the link at the bottom to go to the site and get the recipe. Also, check out my review of the no-bake coconut pecan chocolate bars below. If you liked this no-bake creamy coconut pie recipe I think you might like this one as well.