Peanut Butter Sheet Cake!


And it’s not fruitcake, thankfully. All hail peanut butter! The food of the kings. What’s that? They didn’t have peanut butter back then? For shame! Those ancient people didn’t know what they were missing. But we know. We know what a perfect food peanut butter is. You can eat it for a meal AND for dessert. You can’t do that with chocolate. Well, I suppose you could. It’s just that people would look at you funny. But they wouldn’t with peanut butter.


And while chocolate is a solid contender for sandwich filling, it’s got nothing on peanut butter in sweet and delicious dessert form. Especially in the form of a sinfully delicious cake. Peanut butter cake. It is what all jars of peanut butter dream of becoming someday as they sit on the supermarket shelves, hoping you will pick them when you walk by with your cart full of screaming children. Make their dreams come true. And yours.

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