Brunch-Perfect Praline French Toast Casserole!


Sometimes on the weekends, breakfast can be such a chore. All I want to do is just relax and enjoy my coffee. But then it’s mommy this and mommy that and then before I know it my coffee is cold and I’ve only gotten about 2 bites of food in my own stomach before everyone else has eaten it all. Savages. Anyway, I wonder why I bother. Especially when I make French toast or pancakes. I never get mine piping hot. If I even get any of it at all. No, Mommy doesn’t need to eat. She just subsists on coffee. All that effort I put in and I get nothing in return.


Don’t cry for me though. I found a way to rectify that with this praline French toast casserole. I’ve made French toast casseroles before but usually for the holidays. I feel so foolish that I haven’t just made them part of the weekend breakfast rotation. Because I can just prep it the night before and then in the morning, I bake it and voila! Hot tasty breakfast for everyone, even me! Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make this Praline French Toast Casserole.