Apple Pie Bars – From-Scratch!


Maybe it’s just me, but whenever I hear the words “from scratch,” I almost always picture a hot pie cooling on the window of a charming farm house nestled in some northern hillside. Sometimes it’s a ranch with cows and other livestock lulling away creating a peaceful din. Other times, it’s a busy farm like something out of that old nursery song, “Old MacDonald.” But every time, it’s also apple. It could potentially be any other kind of pie on the planet. Even mince meat, though I sincerely feel I just couldn’t get excited about that.

There is something so down-home about apple pie. Something so truly comforting, like a hug from your mom after you skinned your knee riding your bike down the hill, even though Mom told you not to do that. You couldn’t help it though…you smelled that pie cooling on the ledge. Ah, the memories! Anyway, from scratch pies truly do mean love because they are a little more time-consuming. But you know what is just as delicious and gives you more time for yourself (and for eating your creations)? Bars, like these wonderful apple pie bars! Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to find out how this can come out of your oven!