Awesome Apple Fritters Make Breakfast A Treat!


On weekends, I love to relax. My husband is under the impression that since I work from home that all I do is relax while he’s off at work, but I would give anything to not have to reheat every cup of coffee I ever pour myself in the microwave. I have the best intentions of enjoying a hot cup of the stuff but something always needs my attention. Breakfast on weekdays is always a rush. But on the weekends, we turn cartoons on for the kids so they will leave us alone for a good 30 more minutes. That extra 30 minutes makes a big difference for me. I feel much more refreshed and can focus on making something a bit more special for my family.

Sure, no one complains when I make eggs, pancakes or French toast. No one complains when I bust out the waffle maker either. But sometimes it takes something unique, like these apple fritters here, to really make them appreciate my awesomeness. Family not appreciating you? Make these and they totally will. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make these Awesome Apple Fritters.