Blue-Ribbon Butter Cake – With a Name Like This it HAS TO be Good!


You know the kind. They come from those weathered old index cards your mom has shoved into one of the kitchen drawers. Well, MY mom does that so I assume yours must too. Or sometimes, you find them in dusty, weathered old cookbooks in Grandma’s attic, or at a garage sale, like the original poster of this blue-ribbon butter cake did. And with “blue-ribbon” in the name, you know someone won over a crowd at a cake-off at the town fair with this recipe. It just sounded good to me.

Lucky for it, this cake not only talked the talk but it walked the walk. Figuratively speaking I mean. If your cake walks, something is most definitely wrong. But speaking of cake walks, those were the best part of the fair, weren’t they? Because you likely won a cake as delectable as this one. What could be better than that? Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) find out how to make this Blue-Ribbon Butter Cake.