Easy-Peasy Cinnamon Roll Cake!


I think I’ve lamented enough on here about the tortuous process of making cinnamon rolls from scratch. Boy are they good but they really are such a hassle with all the yeast rising and waiting and then more waiting and waiting some more. That’s why I posted these cinnamon roll cake recipes which makes it easier to enjoy cinnamon rolls without all that waiting and merges it into cake form so it’s like this fantastically delicious hybrid. Like an edible unicorn!

I like having options for recipes. Each one is wonderful but much of it depends on what you prefer as far as methods and ingredients. Some suggest pecans to adorn it with and you can always leave those off if you’d prefer and others require a bit more work. I will say that this recipe right here has to be the easiest one yet. Two bowls, one pan, bake and then glaze it up. And as with all cinnamon roll cakes, you can decide if it should be served at breakfast or for dessert. Ideally, you’ll decide for both and be a much happier person for it. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make this Cinnamon Roll Cake.