Chocolate Chip-Speckled Congo Bars!


I admit it…the name of this recipe made me look. How could I not? I needed to know what was inside them ASAP. Some crazy ingredient? Coconut again? Pineapples? All of those? Turns out, the original poster isn’t sure why they’ve been given this moniker either. I keep thinking of the Congo River Rapids ride at Busch Gardens. We went there and to Disney every year when we were kids. We loved the ride – a big raft that went down a faux white water rapid stream. Good times. But the best part was my silly dad. He would get a stack of quarters and stand by the bridge where they had these mounted water guns. He would feed it quarters so he could keep shooting people on the rapids boat with streams of water. He always tried to aim for the girls who didn’t want to get their hair wet.

My dad still laughs about that to this day. Next to riding the roller coasters, it was his favorite thing to do. So what is this Congo bar thing anyway? Well, it’s like a very gooey chocolate chip cookie bar. Yummy! Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make these Congo Bars.