Contest-Winning Raspberry Cream Pie – Everyone Loves A Winner!


Few desserts can really claim to be refreshing. Delicious? Oh you bet! But so few of them can truly refresh, much the way ice cream does. It’s cool and it soothes your soul in a different way than other desserts can. Pies are awesome but often heavier, sensational as they are. That’s why this raspberry cream pie drew me in. And the clincher was that it was contest-winning. You can’t go wrong with a label like that! I mean, really. Have you ever had a blue ribbon winning recipe that didn’t taste like a million bucks? See, there you go!

When I first saw this recipe, I knew that aside from being a winner, this pie had raspberry and a creamy filling which made it sound luscious, refreshing and cool. The kind of thing I’d want to be eating if I were sitting outside people watching at an upscale café on a hot day silently judging them and cackling with glee, “Want some pie? Too bad! Ahahahaha!” I need to get out more. Winter is killing me. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to find out how to make this Contest-Winning Raspberry Cream Pie.