Glorious German Chocolate Cake Bars!


I know, I know. More German chocolate recipes. But come on now…they are SO good. You can’t be mad at me. You know you love them as much as I do. One of the recent ones I posted was this German chocolate pecan pie bar recipe. Which was all kinds of awesome. But this one is all kinds of awesome in a different way. Whereas the other one is more pie-ish, this one is cakey. It’s like making a German chocolate cake but without the hassle of making a whole cake. You don’t have to worry about perfectly frosted layers or serving it. None of that drama. You can get all the decadence of German chocolate cake in these lovely bars that everyone can help themselves to.

I love the addition of chocolate chips on top as well. As if it wasn’t chocolaty enough! Ha!You gotta love a dessert that goes all in on the chocolate. It doubles down and goes for the win, making this an epic crowd-pleasing dessert.Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make these German Chocolate Cake Bars.