Chewy Giant Molasses Cookies!


Let’s face it…some things are just better when they’re bigger. Like the sweet loaner car I got while I’m waiting on them to repair my car. My air conditioner has been misdirecting the air, blowing it on our toes instead of in our faces no matter what setting we put it to. We had the coldest feet in town, by far. Now while we wait for our car, they’ve given us a giant vehicle to drive around.

It’s like a boat with excellent handling and a driver’s seat that makes me feel like I’m king of the road yet could easily double as my bed. The kids love it too and I just wish I had more things to load in the back because it’s huge. We can’t afford that behemoth though but it’s fun to enjoy for a while. A bigger car is nice but bigger desserts are nice too. Real nice. Like these giant molasses cookies. They’re chewy, sweet, easy to make and they’re big. After all, more cookie means more happiness. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make these Giant Molasses Cookies.