Pretty Homemade Gumdrops!


If you love fruity candies, then chances are that you love gumdrops. As a kid, I remember shoveling down fruity candies and chocolate candies alike. But somehow as I made my way into adulthood, I found myself staying away from sugary fruit candies. If I’m going for candy, I’m going for chocolate, but that’s just me. My kids of course just love any kind of sweets. I cringe when they dive into bags of fruity candies or clamor for lollipops. I just can’t dig it. I must be old now.

But there is one candy I do have a slight soft spot for and that’s gumdrops. Real, fresh gumdrops are all I’ll accept because that stuff from the store is so stale and chewy. Fresh ones are soft, sweet, fruity and delicious. Plus, they don’t have all kinds of strange chemicals in them. That means I can feel good about giving these to my kids instead of all that other junk. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make these Homemade Gumdrops.