Lovable Lemon Orange Cake!


Have you ever had the good fortune to taste citrus fruits from the state of Florida? We used to send my aunt a shipment of them every winter – a nice basket of oranges fresh-picked from Florida. You don’t really realize how amazing Florida citrus is until you go without it for a while and have to settle for fruits grown elsewhere. When I myself moved away, I didn’t give it any thought until I had orange juice that wasn’t Floridian. And it was then I think that homesickness really took a foothold in my heart.

So while browsing recipes, imagine my delight when I found one that incorporated Florida-fresh citrus. Now granted key lime pie will always rule my Floridian heart, but I have to tell you this cake is tremendously spectacular. It is light and sweet and incredible and decadent in the opposite direction that chocolate is. THIS is what you make for a special occasion or a holiday. It is stunning in looks as well as taste and if you like citrus flavors, you need to get on this now. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make this Lemon Orange Cake.