Lunch Lady Peanut Butter Bars!


For some of us, our kids may never know the joy of getting one of these with lunch. Not unless we make it ourselves that is. Do you remember school lunches as a kid? Pizza Fridays were awesome. And so were some of the desserts too. No, not that slimy pudding of course.

In high school, my eccentric Spanish teacher loved to announce the lunch for the day. We had him during morning announcements and he seemed to really relish reading the cafeteria creations to us on a daily basis. But one thing got him all excited. It was something called “whipped dessert with topping.” He would bang on the desk and shout it out loud.

My best friend and I were only lured to the cafeteria to get a glimpse of this thing because in our time, it was horribly uncool to be seen in the cafeteria at lunch time. There was only one other thing that would make any of us go anywhere near the school cafeteria though. And it was worth it. Those lunch lady peanut butter bars. You know the ones. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to frolic into your past!