Over-The-Top Ooey Gooey Chocolate Insanity Cake!


Do you know how I feel about chocolate cake? Unless it’s your first time reading one of my recipe reviews, you should know by now that I am a huge chocoholic. I’m passionate about baking all sorts of sweets, and eating them too, but when it comes to chocolate cake, I am at my most zen. If I could be any dessert in the world, it would be chocolate cake. Well, wait. Then I wouldn’t be around very long, would I? Because I’d be so tasty, everyone would gobble me up. And then what would I be? Eek.

Ok, scratch that. Let’s just talk about this amazingly delicious old-timey-style chocolate cake recipe. It’s beyond amazing and while it’s not one of those multiple-layer bad-boys that you’d present as a showstopper, it is a heartstopper when it comes to taste. Invite some friends over for dinner and then hit them with this cake after you clear the plates. They will throw you a parade. Ok, maybe they won’t do that but I swear they will do anything you ask them to do. Even the dishes. Will you work for cake too? I would totally work for this cake. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to discover how to make this Ooey Gooey Chocolate Insanity Cake.