Peach Pudding Perfection!


One of my favorite types of dessert to make are the ones that I can also pawn off as being a main course food item. It can be a tricky prospect, really, and must be approached with care and caution. Not just any dessert can be retrofitted as a main course breakfast dish. Some desserts are nearly impossible to pull off, while others will leave you seeming sophisticated and fancy. For example, if I were to insist on serving cupcakes for breakfast, my husband might suggest I have a “problem” and call me “absurd”. However, if I were to instead present him with freshly baked Chocolate Chip Muffins, I’d be wife of the year.

Balancing desserts and breakfast foods can be tricky. Muffins, cobblers and crisps are among my very favorites to make. If I can bake a sugary and sweet dessert and convince others that it is a viable breakfast option, then I am a very happy girl. So now that I made my point about muffins, I can get to the dessert that I really wanted to tell you about in this post. The Tennessee Peach Pudding. Another dessert that can also be had as part of the main course for breakfast. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to learn more about this amazing dessert / breakfast dish!