Southern Caramel Cake!


Talk about southern hospitality! When you serve up this southern caramel cake, this is exactly what southern hospitality is all about. “Thanks for coming over, Sugar. Care for some of my homemade caramel cake, y’all?” What? So I said y’all. Big deal. I’m from the south. I’m allowed. A cake like this is the epitome of southern tradition too. It’s so sweet that even the most prim southern belle will declare it the winner of all cakes. Oh it’s that good, I do declare!

Of course, we all know frosting is the absolute best part of any cake. It’s true. A cake without frosting is a sad travesty that should be avoided at all costs. But a cake with bad frosting can also be just as horrifying. Fortunately, this recipe features a splendid caramel frosting so sinfully sweet that there is no way it could ruin the cake. And speaking of the cake itself, you’ll be thrilled to know it’s not one of those dreadful recipes that has you churning out a dry and crumbly cake that is only redeemed by the excellent frosting atop it. Oh no. Rest assured, this cake is moist and buttery and serves as the perfect platform for that sugary caramel frosting. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to find out more about this amazing  Southern Caramel Cake!