Strawberry Biscuit Cobbler – Get That Old Fashioned Taste!


I love old-timey things. Old photos. Antiques. Haunted houses. Err, well, maybe just classic old houses sans ghosts. And of course, I love a good old-fashioned recipe. To me, all cobblers are a slice of heaven served up from yesteryear. It’s something that carries over well from generation to generation. Plus, cobblers are more or less pies but not so reliant on looking perfect. With pie, you’ve got the crust to worry about and if you mess it up, it comes out looking all wonky and sad and then they shun you at the school bake sale. No, really.

But with a cobbler, you don’t need to fret about perfection. Because you just blob it into a bowl with ice cream and then go to town. In fact, when you serve things with ice cream on top, no one says anything. All you hear are chewing sounds and the unmistakable “Mmmmm” purring from their throats. Hmmm. Maybe I should start putting ice cream on everything then. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to find out how to make a fun Strawberry Biscuit Cobbler.