Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread – Sweet And Spicy!


I have a little secret for you. Years ago, when I first began trying to cook and bake, I thought bread was impossible. I seriously felt a sense of panic whenever I set out to bake a loaf of bread. I was always forgetting something or missing a step or doing something wrong. While I managed to make things taste alright, they were embarrassing Frankenstein-like blobs that I couldn’t serve to anyone except a very select few people in my life who I knew wouldn’t judge me. So with this recipe, I aim to make things easy-peasy for anyone that’s new to this game of baking.

Also, this is a healthy and yummy kind of bread and it’s really different than anything I’ve had before. I like trying new things. I thought it sounded interesting to have a sweet potato-based bread. If you’ve ever had a sweet potato pie, then you know how dense and moist sweet potatoes can be. So putting it into bread is really kind of genius. Let’s go to the next page (click the Next button below) to find out how to make this Sweet Potato Cinnamon Bread.