Brunch-Perfect Praline French Toast Casserole!


Just 8 ingredients and some prep the night before and you’ll be having a great morning. You’ll need to make sure you’ve got a day-old loaf of bread. The drier the bread, the better it is at soaking up the batter. Pick a loaf up from the bakery at your supermarket the day before so it’s good to go. To make this happen, you’ll cube your day-old bread. Then you’ll make an egg mixture. You’ll blend everything together and then coat the bread cubes in a big bowl. The original poster talks about this being the best way for doing it in her notes at the end and I agree. It was so much simpler to mix it in this way. After you do this, spread it over the praline mixture that you’ll make, cover it and refrigerate overnight.


In the morning, you can get it baking. Once finished, drizzle maple syrup on top of it and then broil it for a few minutes. You want to keep an eye on it because you just want it to caramelize. Let it cool a bit before you serve it.

I found this scrumptious recipe on the Mommy’s Kitchen blog. Click the link below to see the blog and full recipe for this Praline French Toast Casserole.